Did you know that you can NOW act as a witness on your client’s next RON eClosing? Even if you are in a different location...

You can be remote from your Client and still be able to attend the closing as the witness!

When the closing is being scheduled for your clients, you have the ability to request that your Closing Team add you as the Witness and provide the video link for the RON eClosing.


  1. They will need your name and email address.
  2. (You will then get an email the day of the closing inviting you to join the RON eClosing)

  3. You will need to use a Laptop or Computer for this process.
  4. (You can NOT use a phone or tablet)

Want more information on relator witnesses?

Be sure to ask your local Hillsborough Title office for more information, or for complete details on the benefits and processes of a RON eClosing, click HERE.

Our Closing Experience Technology Enhancements: Making it Safe, Secure, and Faster

While we all hoped and crossed our fingers, toes, and everything in between that we would be returning to a sense of normality in 2022, we know that you still need closing options to keep you and your clients safe.

Through this tough time, we have been able to create safe closing options and learn to bring you a more enhanced closing experience using secure technology.
We are offering a variety of ways to complete your real estate transactions while decreasing the number of in-person interactions needed to close your deal safely and securely.

Here are our enhanced closing options we have that makes closing with us your top choice:

  1. Electronic EMD Delivery, without the need to bring a check in-person to one of our offices.
  2. Remote Online Notarization (RON) Closings allow customers to close from anywhere they want. These closings are 100% secure and completed in less than an hour with one of our trained RON closers, ensuring you get the same closing experience you would as if you were in person. This is our preferred closing method during this time for everyone’s health and safety, and FAN is leading the charge on increasing the adoption of RON statewide. Your Account Executive can advise you on if a RON closing is an option for you!
  3. Alanna.AI virtual Closing Assistant is available to you and your clients 24/7 via text message or chat feature on our website. Real estate agents can get answers anytime of the day or night. Text Alanna.AI now at 813-710-4126.
  4. Faster commission checks are now available. We will wire your commission checks directly to you. With a few documents in place, this can reduce your wait time to receive a check by mail or a trip to one of our branches. Let your closers know if you’d like to receive your funds via wire on your next transaction.

From start to finish, our investment in secure, easy-to-use technology helps to reduce unnecessary trips to our office.


Florida Agency Network boasts its very own network of eNotaries that are all title professionals to handle your RON eClosing. With our network on your side, let's dispel some of the common myths surrounding eClosings:

With FAN’s title professionals ensuring you have a smooth and thorough closing, you can’t beat the convenience and safety of a RON eClosing, especially when FAN agents are available to communicate and troubleshoot your closing at every step of the way.

Be sure to download the PDF dispelling the RON eClosing Myths and share them with your clients.

For questions about eClosings and requirements, please contact your title professional or visit

businessman-hands-signing-digital-signatureYOU Are a Time Traveler!

Congratulations to you, the time-traveling realtor, for helping to advance closings of the future. If you’re not as excited as we are, it’s likely that you don’t know you're a part of the future of real estate - eClosings.

What Is an eClosing?

An eClosing is any closing where documents are delivered and executed electronically. If you’re a customer of any Florida Agency Network title agency, you have probably participated in an eClosing as we stay on the cutting edge of closing technology.

If you’re not already one of our lucky time travelers, here’s what an eClosing can look like for you and your customers:

  1. Using our online portal, your customers are not at the mercy of office hours to have documents sent or received. There is no need to fax or come into the office.
  2. Some documents will be sent directly to your customers to be signed electronically. Most modern mortgage documents are signed with services such as Docusign or Adobe Sign.
  3. A digital PDF copy of the Closing Disclosure is sent electronically for review by you and your customers.

Then, most importantly, when it comes to the actual closing day, you and your customers have many choices on where - and HOW - to execute the final documents:

  1. Come to any of our 25+ offices to sit with one of our licensed title agents who can answer any questions you might have. They may have you sign at least some of the  documents electronically.
  2. Next, have your customers meet you at their home, place of work, or your office. We can send one of our "Mobile Closers" to you to make the closing completely convenient and have someone guide your customers through the documents.
  3. With RON, or remote online notarization, you may be able to have your customer close anywhere in the WORLD - while they are on vacation, a work trip, or just sitting on the beach. They just need to be a U.S. citizen and have a strong WiFi connection.

So, while we're still waiting for our flying cars and robot maids, you can join us in the future today!



young executive working with a headset

Who can you help with eClosing technology?

For months, your Title Agent has told you about how 2020 is the year of remote online notarization (RON), and we're proud to be the first title company in Florida to offer completely paperless eClosings! While it’s certainly a cool new way to complete your closing, the real question is – how can WE help YOU help YOUR customers?

We’ve put together a few examples of real world customers that would benefit from our eClosing and RON solutions.

Closings with Multiple Signers

Florida has one of the highest rates of inherited properties, and many times, the children who are inheriting these homes live all over the country or even abroad. This can create confusion and lengthy procedures because, under a typical closing, the title agency must provide a mail-away package or arrange for each person to visit a separate closing room. Now, all parties involved can sign at the same time, regardless of physical location – saving everyone involved time and money!

Sellers Traveling or Stationed Internationally

Traveling or working out of the country is usually planned well in advance, but sometimes, members of the military, those with jobs that call them abroad, or even vacationers can get caught with a closing before they make it back to the States. While there are solutions available for out-of-country sellers, it usually requires finding a notary at a US Embassy/Consulate, and there have been cases where transactions fell through because this wasn’t possible. RON is an excellent solution to help facilitate this and can help make the process that much easier.

Have you ever traveled and needed to sign documents for a closing but can’t find a witness to assist the Notary? With the new RON technology, witnesses now potentially can be anywhere in the US using this technology!

Older Individuals Who Cannot Travel Easily

For some customers, the simple act of traveling to one of our 20+ offices can be too cumbersome to manage. Completely mobile closings are popular and offer these customers the ability to close in the privacy of their own homes without requiring them to invite strangers onto their property. RON is an excellent solution for them and allows them to complete a secure closing without ever leaving home.

As you can see, there are many ways you can add RON and eClosings to the toolbox of services that you offer your clients. If you’d love to learn more about RON, the eClosing process, and what we can offer you in this new digital age of closings, simply schedule an in-office training for your team. To set up one of these educational events, contact your Title Rep today!


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